Stop Losing Business to Your Competition

We will help build a strong online presence for your business that is future proof using our proven SEO methods, grow your business today with our help! With a tremendous ROI that no one can turn down and a flawless track record, you will soon figure out why clients hire us!

We strive to build a strong personal relationship with all of our clients

No Outsourcing

We don't believe in outsourcing any work for our clients. We feel that if we don't do it ourselves we can't put our name behind it. We have marketing professionals do all the work for our clients.

Monthly Reports

We will keep you in the loop with what we are currently working on for your improvements. We have an open door policy and you will always have a form of communication to us. We will give you progress reports and show you exactly what has been finished.

Latest Proven Strategies

We stay on top of the new SEO strategies and will implement them accordingly for your business. We ONLY use strategies that are legitimate and help your business grow not hurt it. We have done this process time and time again and can replicate it for any client.

Worry-Free Contracts

We know that our services are helpful to clients and they never want to lose us, not the other way around. So we will never force you into any long term contracts but instead will let our work be the bond in our relationship with clients.

Our Formula for Success

We've helped numerous different types of businesses with their online presence and we have a proven go-to method. No matter the size of the business, the type of business or their knowledge of the web we can help clients reach their goals.

Research and Analyze

Since a lot of our clients do business in different markets we must first analyze their market and do segmentation so we know which consumers to target. We also do market research for the our client's competition to figure out what they have done for their online presence. We use this knowledge to beat them and overdo them so we can outrank and obtain more consumers.

Customized Strategy

Each of our clients are unique so we must create a unique marketing plan individually. Even if some of our methods are similar for certain clients we add personalized service so the client gets exactly what they ask for. We can attack specific niches and consumers that our client whats us to approach.


Once we make a customized strategy for our client and our client approves we move on and start doing the work for our clients. We only put out high quality work and nothing less, our clients are in the loop at every step so they know exactly what we're doing for them. We produce a strong online presence so our clients can dominate their markets and obtain new consumers monthly.


We know what works well and what doesn't when it comes to search engines such as Google, Bing and even Yahoo. We make changes accordingly so that these search engines are contempt with the website we created. We also create content that is already SEO friendly so that consumers can find our client's website when different keywords are searched.

Publish and Promote

After we publish the work our clients hire us to do we have methods to promote the client's website so they get traffic and in turn get new customers. We have proven seo strategies that we implement for each of our clients to help them dominate their sector. We integrate social media to further promote our client's products/services or mission. We also publish citations so that our client's business is listed on numerous directories and easily found once searched for.

Review and Report

We take another look at the work we produced for our client and analyze the results we have gotten for them and try to figure out methods to improve our performance. We also give our clients reports on how much traffic we produced for them, how many leads converted and how much revenue we have generated for their business. If we see space for improvement we notify the client and implement the changes.

Expand Online Presence

Once clients have been with us for a couple months and see the potential they hire us to expand services so they expand their own business. That's our main goal here at Spasit, we want to help our clients grow their business constantly and in return they help us grow our company. Its important to us that our clients are contempt with our services and have a plan to expand their business.

Develop Long Term Plan

We want to build a strong long term relationship with all of our clients. We understand that our services are essential for any business so we want to be partners with all of our clients. We ideally would like to sit down individually with all of our clients and put forth a plan to expand their business and see how we can be there to help promote it. The beauty of our company is that we get to choose which clients we work with so we look for clients that have a goal to grow their business in the long term. We're here to help, lets expand your business to heights you never imagined before.