Learn About Spasit

A reputable internet marketing company founded on ethics

We're a New Jersey based Internet Marketing Agency that specializes in client relationships, we know what works and what doesn't for our clients

Honesty & Integrity

There are a lot of unethical SEO companies out there advertising and promising things that just isn't possible. We don't stand for that and we only practice ethical work and service for our clients. We keep our client in the loop with everything we're doing for them and we will never do unethical work because we understand the consequences.

High Quality Service

We pride ourselves in the work we provide to all of our clients knowing that it is high quality and exactly what they ask for. We don't cut corners and do everything right the first time around. Since we don't outsource any of our work we have a ton of quality control. We would never put on name on poor quality service or work.

Great Customer Service

We will always be here to assist you with any problems and/or concerns that you may have. Our company will always provide the client with multiple forms of communication so that they can reach us. We take pride in our customer service and know that how important our clients are to us.

Results Driven

We stand behind all of the work we provide for our clients. Our main goal is to get results for our clients and will not stop until we get the results our clients want. We talk to each of our clients individually to find out what time of results they are looking for and figure out how much more revenue they would like to generate through us.

Here at Spasit Internet Marketing we have some defined goals that with help our clients reach their goals. Day in and day out we help businesses gain new customers and keep their doors open. We help them get the most important part of any business, consumers. We never forget our clients goals and ambitions because their success is building our success.

Client Growth

Our biggest goal at Spasit is to help our clients grow their own business and generate more revenue for them and in return continue working with us. If our client isn't growing their business then we haven't held up our end so we make sure we take the right steps to help them out.

Ethical Operations

We are running an ethical internet marketing company and will NEVER stray from it for our benefit. We simply don't cut corners and partake in any black hat SEO tricks that make hurt our client in the long run. We are looking for clients for the long run so we provide services that will build a long term online presence.

Build Long Term Clients

Here at Spasit we have the luxury to work with clients who we want to, we have turned down work for clients that weren't looking for a partnership for the long term. All of our clients work with us knowing that the relationship we build will be for the long term. Our services are vital to most businesses so our clients never want to cancel their services but instead hire us for more!

We Love To Over Deliver

We strive to under promise and over deliver because it makes our clients ecstatic when they look at the results. That's just the way we do business, we charge a fair price but always over deliver our work so our clients stay with us! We're not like any other internet marketing company that tries to get away with doing the bare minimum and charges too much. It simply isn't fair so we do things a little differently.

Getting Results

We are results driven, we get clients because of our results. We are proud of it. We back our word with what we sell by getting our clients results. Our main focus is getting results for our clients and backing our word with phenomenal results. All of our clients are proof that our results is growing their business and they decide that they NEED us to continue growing.


We understand the online marketing nowadays can be complex and confusing that not everyone can understand. So we simplify it for our clients so they can focus on running their business while we work on bringing in new customers for them. We teach our clients everything they need to know about what we will be doing for them, no secrets. We are 100% transparent and honest to our clients about what exactly we will be doing for them so they can trust us.